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Intelligent Wood Systems (IWS) is an R&D company focused on delivering mainstream innovative building systems. We have developed a superior system that successfully addresses Fire, Acoustic, Structural and Thermal requirements. (IWS-FAST)

IWS-FR Treated timber joist

Fire Mitigation For Timber Frame During Construction

Fire Mitigation For Timber Frame During Construction

Managing Director

Words from our MD

IWS products enhance the benefits of timber frame and future proof its continued use by addressing both shrinkage and fire mitigation
Dave Cleverley, Managing Director

A Revolutionary FAST System

We have designed and engineered a system which will cut costs and time on site. Our system will instantly improve speed, efficiency and performance at little or no commercial penalty. We are dedicated to our IWS solutions being “built in” providing our customers with a unique competitive advantage through our “invisible” systems

Addressing Fire Acoustics Structural and Thermal requirements

IWS have created a robust supply chain to ensure that the added levels of protection required to meet Categories B and C will NOT penalise clients unnecessarily either from a logistics or commercial perspective.

The IWS-FAST system delivers innovative timber products to the supply chain

  • Engineered Floors

  • Advanced Wall Systems

  • Panelised Roofs

  • Fire protection system for timber frame during construction

Our full suite of innovative products include

  • 44dB Floor

  • Separating Floor

  • Panelised Roof System

  • Free fire assessment

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